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Knowledge brings certainty and strength to choose, decide and act!

In this believe-IN eBook, we discuss The Healthy Person attributes alongside three challenges human beings must transcend to achieve it based on Abraham H. Maslow research legacy.

Life Changes and Transitions are growth gateways across the human life course. However, change is not synonymous with development. To transform change into growth, we must pursue a self-enrichment ideal that accounts for personal development.

The Healthy Person is necessarily a self-actualized individual, and Changes and Transitions are an opportunity to actualize our human potential when we decide to take over our change processes. We conclude by offering two chapters to integrate these concepts with the experience of undergoing Life Changes and Transitions.

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The Healthy Person Ebook - 6 pages Sample
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believe-IN. Make It Happen!® HUMANISING CHANGE. Please feel free to Like Comment Share!

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believe-IN is concerned with facilitating, preventing and promoting change to prevent psychological declines for optimal human functioning. We offer Change and Transitions Intervention Programmes, Appointments, Psychometric Tests and Learning Events. Have you been looking for a solution that enables change and prevents stress? Contact believe-IN we have a personalised solution to your challenges. Check below the three options we have to support you in your change process and choose yours.

  1. Are you exploring the possibility of a Life Change and want to prepare for it by examining alternatives in a process-oriented systematic approach before deciding? The right Intervention Programme for you is Prepare Life Changes.

  2. Are you undergoing a life change or several occurring simultaneously, yet sensing an agitation leading you to think that something much bigger is behind what seems 'just a difficult change'? The correct Intervention Programme for you is Manage Life Transitions.

  3. Are you looking to enhance performance, to boost your professional life and personal life by developing life skills? Or are you seeking to make a life event happen? The adequate Intervention Programme for you is Develop High-Performance.

We work with both individuals and organisations, online, in English, Portuguese and Spanish, worldwide. The first step is for you to arrange your first free 30-min consultation appointment and find out how we can support you, or email us Can you imagine a safe human space that assists you in managing change towards growth to reach your full potential?

believe-IN. Make It Happen!® HUMANISING CHANGE. Please feel free to Like Comment Share!

We'd love to hear from you.

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