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​I believe! I believe it is possible to do things differently. I believe we can be who we want to be. Where you were born, where and how you grew up, where you live or lived, whom you know, or what someone "thinks about you" does not limit you if you have a Vision. If you believe-IN yourself, in your projects, in your ambitions, in your dreams!

A lifelong learner and humanist! believe-IN. Make It Happen!® was created from scratch after a fourteen-year career in marketing management and training in the technologies and education sectors. As a lifelong learner, the career path was built simultaneously while completing academic qualifications. Holds a Graduate Diploma in Psychology, Glasgow Caledonian University, an Executive Masters of Business Management (ISCTE/INDEG) and a Marketing Management bachelor's degree (IPAM). Additionally, throughout the years, several certifications, including Coaching, Trainer, BMC, Storytelling and mental health-related.

Highly Emotionally Intelligent (Percentile 96). Trilingual English, Spanish, Portuguese. Loves nature and stress-free environments.

Márcia Pinho, Human. Managing Director & Founder

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Márcia Pinho, Educator, Life Changes Con

Why believe-IN. Make it Happen! ®

​As a result of my experience of undergoing simultaneous life events changing radically, both personal and professional life, in a ten-month time frame, leading me to a transition, I became interested in adult development. Concretely, the impact of life changes and transitions in adults’ emotional and cognitive performance and its implication on well-being and life outcomes.

Life Changes are any event capable of bringing significant disturbance to a person’s life. A Transition, however, is the result of significant changes, to the individual, in relationships, routines, assumptions, roles as a consequence of a stressful life change (life event or non-event), which implies personal discontinuity. A transition could describe a process of letting go of the way life used to be and then starting a journey to create a 1) new identity and 2) a new life to take hold of the way they finally become. In brief, a life change occurs, and then a far more transformative process takes place, a transition.

Transition three stages Ending, Neutral Zone and the New Beginning occurred as an overlapping experience over the years. For instance, by the end of 2014, all that belonged to my life settings ended. However, I knew what I would be doing professionally - my new career -, but that very purpose, called believe-IN, required a journey into the unknown, as applying more life changes to;

  • a new way of interpreting life to start a new life chapter and identity.

  • a country relocation;

  • an academic qualification in Psychology, and additional certifications, to become a helping professional;

  • a research study; the feeling of fear during life changes.

Personally, across life, I have been gifted with an abundance of life changes and a few transitions from infancy to early adulthood. My strength has always been "believing I could turn around" (a belief described, in science, as self-agency). I have also developed a strong professional and academic background in management, which is very much about change and development toward progress. Thus, I have had an absolute easiness to change - fast, quick and effectively! However, nothing of that had prepared me for this last 'transition'. In sum, my recent life changes experiences, leading me to transition, made me acutely aware of this human process. Moreover, people struggle with this because societies do not have systems to educate them to cope with life changes.

The problem people face?

Life Changes and Transitions are unavoidable, stress-inducing experiences that challenge the individual’s functioning, health, and sense of self-worth! As a significant source of stress, anxiety, which, unsupported, can lead the individual to psychological decline, dysfunction and poor decision-making.

  • For this reason, I completed a graduate diploma in Psychology at GCU, so believe-IN conducted the first known research on the “feeling of fear during life changes and the implications to well-being”!

Among other relevant findings, this study declares the feeling of fear as the root cause of stress and anxiety. This brings us necessarily to the need of fostering Emotional Literacy Educational Programmes and implementing intervention programmes, person-centred to support individuals step by step throughout life change and transitions.

People undergoing transition processes are more exposed to:

  • increased risk of a severe crisis, stress, anxiety, as to a

  • high risk of errors, such as accidents, indiscretions and poor decisions
  • entering or staying in poor or abusive relationships,
  • decreased career prospects. More, transitions effects exceed lifework boundaries into other roles as they can cause others to transition.

Transitions are the main contributor to human development or unsupported conducive to psychological decline. However, people who begin seeking knowledge and support struggle to find it! Ultimately, because those around them are either prepared to embrace life changes and developmental transitions. Yet, the last barriers are cultural beliefs and societal norms. An individual in a spiral of changes often fights to find understanding and support among its immediate support network, turning the experience more chaotic. Despite the adverse outcomes, modern societies have not prepared individuals to embrace life changes or recognize transitions. Consequently, the individual undergoing any of those processes lack the skills to label the experience. 

The Solution?

I believe in Education, so promoting person-centred support to foster development and new life skills to manage change processes was a natural choice! Life Changes and Transition Management Professional Services provides the foundation to transform this tumultuous experience into a developmental opportunity. Individuals going through the experience of Endings get the needed understanding to reorganize themselves emotionally and cognitively. In the Neutral Zone, we create the structure to what will become a New Beginning. And finally, they are ready to start a new chapter of life, fully functioning aiming for their full potential.


Wrapping Up!

With the ending of my previous life settings, a new life purpose emerged; "Contribute, so, you believe-IN yourself, and you make the life you wish and deserve Happen!". Then transformed into believe-IN's vision, inspires everything we do. 


believe-IN. Make it Happen! ® was created to support healthy adults, going through states of unbalance consequences of Life Changes and Transitions. Our Adult Intervention Programmes are person-centred, science-based solutions powered by Education, Life Span Developmental Psychology and Management.  

​believe-IN is my contribution to a better world. A place where we educate and support adults individuals to adjust and adapt to change, fully functioning, living their full potential! That's us.

Thank you for reading our story. Márcia


Graduate Diploma in Psychology

Glasgow Caledonian University

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