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Seeking to prepare life changes? Planning a new life? Our customers often want to prepare a new life decade, explore a career change, a business idea, relocation or even retirement. Some life changes need to take place, and we understand this. Ultimately, preparing change help us become more self-aware to prevent the consequences of getting lost in the deep ocean of a transition. Change Management professional services are the best prevention.

Strategic Planning, Emotional Intelligence and Cognitive Performance. For effective decision-making and exceptional life outcomes.

Change is part of our lives, and as we see in this video Life is Like a River, your life course is full of activity with the need for adjustments and adaptations to change along the life course!


Life changes, in a simplistic form, can be described as a situational shift, we recognize the need to adjust and adapt to a new situation, but still, brings significant disturbance to a person’s daily routine. The best formula to reduce the stress and anxiety is to engage in a planning process as a systematic approach to managing change before "change happens to us”.  

For us, here at believe-IN, it is crucial you feel in control of your life, empowered, supported with the management skills, and humanised during preparation to uncertain times. When the sense, that your next decade is another stage to prepare, a new approach and a new role, arrives, you must get prepared.  Together we start your life planning, so you feel a readiness to embrace the new changes optimistically, in control of your life, fully-functioning, to achieve your full potential. Ultimately, following a higher purpose restores equilibrium, emotional balance, and fosters well-being to achieve exceptional life outcomes. 


Examples of Life Changes as a situational shift: 

  • Getting a new boss, receiving a promotion, or losing your job is a change. 

  • Starting off your own business

  • Moving houses is a change, so it is remodelling your house or losing it. 

  • Getting married, living together, or even divorced. 

  • Having a baby is a change for everyone in the family – including the new baby

  • Illness or sudden disability

  • Losing a loved one is a change – a massive one. 


We understand the slight discomfort and the inner agitation regarding the future, usually you know what you want, but that may seem radically different from the conventional, therefore, this causes uncertainty; Is this is the way? Is it socially acceptable? What will the family think? At this point you can still cope with the stress and anxiety levels although higher than usual as you start feeling the effects of this ‘unknown new life’. You urge for planning and preparation. The background process is somewhat unconscious. People in this position can be portraying features of unavoidable Life Transitions, dis-identifying from the current life to create a new life. Transitions stages are; 1. Endings, 2. Neutral Zone, 3. New Beginnings 

Often our clients, well-settled adult individuals, in top management roles or business owners, either divorced, single or married, children or no children, are mostly seeking our professional services support to assist with decision-making, to prepare and plan: 

  • the entrance into the next decade of their lives 

  • to re-evaluate career or a career change 

  • to assess life satisfaction; or career satisfaction

  • a shift to set up own business

  • a relocation; or even plan retirement.  


Or any other life change sensed as needing professional change management services to prevent or anticipate unwelcome life outcomes. 


Our science-based adult intervention programmes follow a change management process and a planning framework, in a systematic approach, yet valuing your pace, developmental needs, cherishing humanity in the process. We support you, so you go through the process of designing new goals, planning and decision-making towards achieving an exceptional life. 


Benefits of Change Management Professional Services


  • Risk of a Severe Crisis

  • Risk of Errors

  • Anxiety, stress and feeling of fear

  • Uncertainty


  • Risk of Psychological Declines

  • Human Dysfunction


  • Poor decision-making and life choices


  • Equilibrium and  emotional balance

  • Sense of mastery over the experience

  • Mental Health and Well-being


  • Recovery time

  • Human functioning

  • Personal Development

  • Effective Decision-Making

  • Life outcomes

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