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Prepare Life Changes

Life Changes Management Professional Services

Exploring the possibility of a Life Change? But want to examine alternatives in a process-oriented systematic approach before deciding? Some Life Changes need to take place, and we understand this. Our customers often want to prepare for a new decade, explore a career change, a business idea, relocation or even retirement.

Preparing for Life Change helps us in becoming more self-aware. And in control over ourselves and the changing situation.

Life Strategic Planning, Emotional Intelligence and Cognitive Performance. For effective decision-making and exceptional life outcomes.

Change is part of our human lives. As in the video 'Life is Like a River,' the life course is full of activity. And that brings the need to learn how to adjust and adapt to changes throughout life!


In a simplistic form, Life Changes are situational shifts. They can occur in personal or professional lives. Either positive or negative, Life Changes bring significant disturbance to a person’s daily routine. Arouses stress and anxiety and puts humans on the verge of psychological declines. But, when supported and engaged in a process that gives a sense of control over the situation. This fosters psychological growth. Manage Life Changes before change happens to you.

For us, here at believe-IN, it is crucial that you feel supported. In control and empowered during uncertain times. Life Changes Professional Services restores equilibrium, performance, and mastery over difficult situations. All that enables exceptional life outcomes. You are not alone. Together we start your Life Changes planning process. So you feel in control of your life and fully functioning to achieve your goals and full potential.

Examples of Life Changes as a situational shift: 


  • Getting a new boss, receiving a promotion, changing jobs, adjusting to a new role, experiencing team conflict, losing your job, starting a career or relocation

  • Mergers or acquisitions by another business, a new market positioning, a new business strategy, or cultural transformation

  • Starting own business, an increase of financial obligations, or a career change


  • Moving houses is a change, so it is remodelling your house or losing it

  • Getting married, living together, or getting divorced or a city/country relocation

  • Having a baby is a change for everyone in the family


  • Illness (e.g. cancer, heart diseases), chronic illness, sudden disability, or even becoming a carer to a relative

  • Losing a loved one is a change – bereavement is a massive one


  • Non-Events refer to all of those events that should have happened at a certain age or stage of life but did not.

We understand the discomfort and the inner agitation about the future. Usually, you know what you want. But that may seem radically different from the conventional. Thus, this causes uncertainty; Is this the right way? Is it socially acceptable? What will the family think? At this point, you can still cope with the stress and anxiety levels. Although higher in intensity as you start feeling the effects of the ‘unknown new life' and of uncertainty. The background process is somewhat unconscious.--that is, it is being brought up to consciousness as you go. The mind urges for planning and preparation to find some rest. Once in charge of your change process, the mind restores equilibrium and performance.
Also, individuals in this position can already portray elements of Life Transitions. That is the 'disidentification' from the current life to create a new life. Transitions' three stages are; 1. Endings, 2. Neutral Zone, 3. New Beginnings. We will be attentive to this.

Often our customers, are well-settled individuals, in top management roles or business owners. Either divorced, single or married. Have children or no children. Are seeking our professional services support to assist them with important decisions to prepare and plan:

  • the entrance into the next decade of their lives 

  • to re-evaluate career or a career change 

  • to assess life satisfaction; or career satisfaction

  • a shift to set up own business

  • a relocation; or even plan retirement

  • a personal change in behaviours and attitudes.  

Our Intervention Programmes follow a management process and a planning framework. Yet appreciating your pace, and developmental needs, cherishing humanity in the process. We support our customers throughout the process of Life Strategic Planning. And effective decision-making for exceptional life outcomes.

Arrange an appointment to Prepare Life Changes
Contact us today. Arrange a 30-minute appointment to discuss how we assist you in Prepare Life Changes. Our 30-minute consultation appointment is free of charge, and with no strings attached.

For appointments and enquiries, call +44 (0) 7927 605837 or contact us below.

Benefits of Life Changes Management Professional Services​


  • Risk of a Severe Crisis

  • Risk of Errors

  • Anxiety, stress and feeling of fear

  • Uncertainty


  • Risk of Psychological Declines

  • Human Dysfunction


  • Poor decision-making and life choices


  • Equilibrium and  emotional balance

  • Sense of mastery over the experience

  • Mental Health and Well-being


  • Recovery time

  • Human functioning

  • Personal Development

  • Effective Decision-Making

  • Life outcomes

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