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Our Processes

Life Changes and Transitions Management Professional Services

Grounded in Lifespan Developmental Psychology, research and theory on adult development, believe-IN intervention is concerned with Change — with promoting, facilitating, or preventing change, for optimal human functioning. We facilitate your life changes and transition using science-based frameworks, management tools, and education methods and knowledge. 

Developmental Interventions can, occur before, during, or following a life change event.

We have two Intervention Goals:

  1. Prevention - through the lessening of harmful circumstances before they have had a chance to produce illness or dysfunction (for)

  2. Optimization - through facilitating the best possible functioning, rather than simply the sufficient. However, optimization is a goal regardless of the timing concerning the critical life-event. 


Optimization' is a way of facilitating prevention, treatment, or adjustment — looking for opportunities for personal growth rather than simply the reestablishment of some degree of balance it targets de developmental notion of human functioning.

We understand development as a lifelong process; …a person learning and benefiting from experience; accomplishing tasks characterizing different stages of the life course and on which later development, at least to some extent, rests; and working through the implications of significant life events to emerge a stronger, more mature, more “developed” person.” (Sugarman, 1996). 

EECE Guidance Process

For us, here at believe-IN, is crucial you feel in control of your life, empowered, supported, during changing times, and in the process of developing the skills you need for effective decision-making and to create exceptional life outcomes.


Listen. Clarity. Understand


Assess. Develop. Learn


Analysis. Goals. Planning.


Implement. Monitor. Achieve.

believe-IN. Make it Happen! ®

EECE Guidance Process - A collaborative four-stage process​

​We recognize our role involves guide you throughout your life changes or transitions, step-by-step, grounded on scientific knowledge. Then we understand, your role is to be the one in charge of your final choices, decisions and life pathway. Because, we both, understand this dynamic, we become partners in a collaborative process, as shown EECE, to assist you in your development.


  • Listen to You - Our first aim is to learn about you --  your life change situation status, goals, values and motivations. We listen carefully to discover what it means for you to live a fulfilling life. ​

  • Clarify - Making sure that we are on the same page we will ask questions and ask feedback for validation; we expect you do the same with us. ​

  • Understand - Once we understand your unique life change process and goals, we will work together to gain a complete picture of your life, making sure that we are ready to move forward. ​


  • Assess – our interventions is concerned with the 'Self' as a source of help; you must have a science-based assessment of your current skills through psychometric tests we make available to you to identify developmental opportunities targeting human functioning.​

  • ​Develop - With your goals and current life changes stage in mind, we can now develop a personalized plan that will help you pursue your goals and overcome your challenges. ​

  • Learn - Once we have developed your plan, we help you understand our recommendations and make you aware of any strengths or growth opportunities of your situation. Our collaboration is an in-process-skills-development often seen as adult non-formal education.​



  • Analysis – it is vital we determine together which problems should be addressed and how, promoting personal autonomy and empowerment.​

  • Goals and Planning – our “bottom-up” model values individual autonomy, where both goals and strategies for achieving it agreed between us and you.

  • Although you receive support and practical guidance on tools, techniques and processes structuring educated and effective decisions from a key person -- a Life Changes and Transition Facilitator -- you are the one making the decisions and choosing life directions.​



  • Implement - After being educated about your developmental plan and defined your New Life Planning, you are now ready to implement its recommendations. ​

  • Monitor - Together, we will overcome any challenges you face while putting your plan into practice. Because your life is dynamic and always changing, your plan will need upgrades, and we will make sure you keep focused. ​

  • Achieve - We will monitor your progress and celebrate your milestones or the overcoming new challenges as they arise. We strongly encourage you to remain on track of your planning, to adapt accordingly, so you can confidently achieve your goals and live a fulfilling life; fully functional and in your full potential.​


Our science-based adult intervention programmes follow a change and transition frameworks and then sustained by other management and planning processes, on a systematic approach. Yet valuing your pace, developmental needs, cherishing humanity in the process. Generally, after initiating our collaboration we will go through four stages, as below, to support you understand change and transition, then design new goals, a life plan, new life skills and assisted decision-making, so you achieve an exceptional life!

Our Intervention Process

Life Changes and Transitions Management, for optimization, regardless of the timing of the critical change.



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Stage 1 - Understanding the current scenario

​What is going on? What the problems, issues, concerns, or undeveloped opportunities we should be attending to?​
Psychometric Tests Assessment.

Stage 2 - Defining the preferred scenario

What do I/we need or want in place of what is currently in place? What would things look like if they looked better?

Stage 3 - Developing a clear plan of action

What do I/we need to do to move from the current to the preferred scenario?”
“What would be the best package of strategies?

Stage 4: Implementing a plan and monitoring progress

How do you make this happen?​

How well are you doing? Assess and adjust.



Customer Service Quality Assessment Life Changes and Transition Facilitation.​

Contact us to arrange an initial 30-minute consultation to discuss how we can assist you, to Prepare Life Change, Manage Life Transition, and Develop High-Performance. Your 30-minute consultation is free.

For appointments and enquiries, call +44 (0) 7927 605837, or book a free consultation below:

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