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believe-IN | BLETHERS

Explore. Connect. Grow.

Connecting us through Life Changes and Transitions!

One or two-hour conversations—in real life! Inspired by curiosity and explorations towards development meant to promote self-questioning and change the way we see the world (or not!). One topic once a month.

At a 'believe-IN | BLETHER, individuals, often strangers, gather to discuss whatever life-changing theme we are covering, keeping in mind many perspectives. Mostly we talk about life, but we do it so with logic, intelligence and an action-oriented approach!

'Blether' is a Scottish word for 'conversations', it to mean a lengthy chat between friends.

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​​How does it work?

Each believe-IN | BLETHER starts with a scientific definition(s), stats about the theme (when available) to provide a context, and then a Question(s) of the blether is presented for group discussion.


The Group discussion, however, enabled by a believe-IN facilitator is always led by the attendees. In the final part of a believe-IN | BLETHER, individuals invited to share insights or other results from their conversations with the rest of the large group.

The results are displayed visually, often using a PowerPoint file in the front of the group, which will be shared by e-mail, as in the group pages.


"I had a bit of a breakthrough in terms of how I look at big decisions - mostly around that I am allowed to be happy and I have integrity and am allowed to use that as a consideration when making decisions." 

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