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The Healthy Person

Experiencing a Life Change, several at the same time or none at all? Or have you, but a long time ago, yet you feel you have not quite overcome it. Learn more about it in the eBook The Healthy Person by believe-IN. Make It Happen!

Life Changes and Transitions are growth gateways across the human life course. But change is not synonymous with growth. To transform change into growth we must pursue an ideal of self-improvement. The Healthy Person is necessarily a self-actualized individual. Life Changes and Transitions, thus, the opportunities to actualize human potential. But to achieve it, one must decide to take charge of the change processes.

Download now your free copy. Learn about the three problems human beings face in becoming 'The Healthy Person'. The Healthy Person's traits? And how does it all come together with the experiences of Life Changes and Transitions?

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eBook The Healthy Person

Knowledge brings certainty and strength to choose, decide and act. 

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