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The Healthy Person

Are you experiencing a Life Change, several simultaneously or none at all? Or have you, but a long time ago, yet you feel you have not quite overcome it. Could it be a Transition? Learn why. Life Changes and Transitions are growth gateways across the human life course. However, change is not synonymous with growth. To transform change into growth, we must pursue a self-enrichment ideal that accounts for personal development.

The Healthy Person is necessarily a self-actualized individual, and Changes and Transitions are an opportunity to actualize our human potential when we decide to take over our change processes. 

In this believe-IN ebook, we discuss The Healthy Person attributes alongside three difficulties human beings must transcend to achieve it based on Abraham H. Maslow research legacy. Finally, we conclude by offering two chapters to integrate these concepts with the experience of undergoing Life Changes and Transitions.

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