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Life Changes and Transitions Management

Life Strategic Planning, Emotional Intelligence, and Cognitive Performance.

Three Intervention Programmes

Choose the programme that best describes your situation.
Life Changes and Transition Management Professional Services

anticipated life changes

Are you exploring the possibility of a Life Change? But want to examine alternatives in a process-oriented systematic approach before deciding?

unanticipated life changes

Are you experiencing a Life Change or several at the same time? And thinking that something much bigger is behind what seems 'just a difficult change'? 

​anticipated, unanticipated, or a non-event.

Are you looking to enhance performance? Boost your professional or personal life by learning new life skills? Seeking to make a change happen?

For appointments and enquiries, call +44 (0) 7927 605837, or book a free consultation below:

The Process of Our Programmes

Life Changes and Transitions Management, for optimisation, regardless of the timing of the critical change.



For appointments and enquiries, call +44(0) 7927 605837 or contact us below.

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Stage 1

Understanding the current scenario

What is going on? What problems, issues, concerns, or undeveloped opportunities should we be attending to?​ Psychometric Tests Assessment.

Stage 2

Defining the preferred scenario

What do I/we need or want in place of what is currently in place? What would things look like if they looked better?

Stage 3

Developing a clear plan of action

What do I/we need to do to move from the current to the preferred scenario? What would be the best package of strategies?

Stage 4

Implementing a plan and monitoring progress

How do you make this happen?​

How well are you doing? Assess and adjust.



Customer Service Quality Assessment Life Changes and Transition Facilitation.​

Learning Events

Connecting us through Life Changes and Transitions

Workshops, Webinars, Blethers, Training & Courses. Designed to support you develop life skills for higher performance, and planning abilities to deal with Life Changes and Transitions.

Explore. Connect. Grow.

Networking Event


"Marcia helped me to face the most important job interviews of my life in the most peaceful and safe way possible. She made me understand exactly how to behave, to believe in my potential and that nothing is difficult if you believe in yourself. Thanks again!"

Filippo Reppi

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The Facilitator of Change to Individuals and Organisations in Transition

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