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Effective Decision-Making? Emotional self-regulation for high performance during changes in the workplace.
Effective Decision-Making? Emotional self-regulation for high performance during changes in the workplace.

Wed, 06 Oct



Effective Decision-Making? Emotional self-regulation for high performance during changes in the workplace.

Effective Decision-Making? Master your emotional self-regulation for high performance during changes in the workplace. Decisive and Empathically.

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Time & Location

06 Oct 2021, 09:30 – 12:30


About the Event

Changes in the workplace will bring an array of responses that often cloud our reasoning, and more so if you manage teams. Did you know stress is infectious? Well, so are conflicts part of the game. All together influence the quality of your decisions. Do you want to make effective decisions during changes in the workplace? In this workshop, all you must know about emotional skills and management tools for higher performance. Start making powerful decisions happen, anytime and anywhere, whenever you have to be decisive and empathic!


On this believe-IN | Workshop, we will be discussing the decision-making process and ways in which we can develop better judgements but also how to recognize tricky emotions and their unconscious responses; in oneself and others. Master your emotional self-regulation to mitigate #stress and #anxiety and learn strategies to make effective #decisions during times of significant turmoil. We also reserved time for hands-on exercises and personalised feedback.

Examples of Stressful Changes that comprise our ability to make effective decisions:

  • Getting a new boss, receiving a promotion, changing jobs, adjusting to a new role, experiencing team conflict, or losing your job, starting a career or relocation
  • Mergers or acquisitions by another business, a new market positioning, a new business strategy, or cultural transformation
  • Starting own business, an increase of financial obligations, or a career change
  • Moving houses is a change, so it is remodelling your house or losing it
  • Getting married, living together, or getting divorced or a city/country relocation
  • Having a baby is a change for everyone in the family
  • Illness (e.g. cancer, heart diseases), chronic illness, or sudden disability, or even becoming a carer to a relative
  • Losing a loved one is a change – bereavement, a massive one.
  • Non-Events (refers to all of those events that should have happened at a certain age or stage of life but it didn’t)


This workshop is a comprehensive instrument for Top Managers, Directors, Team Managers from all types of industries, and individuals experiencing changes while making strategic decisions when managing other people. At some point in the change process, they might probably feel their decision-making is not as effective as it used to be, or that they can boost even higher their current performance. We know why that is happening and we can help!

Book now your seat towards effective decision-making, on the registration link at the top of the page!

Good to Know: We conduct Learning Events on Change and Stress Management for all kind of audiences, as well as private sessions reserved exclusively for your Teams. believe-IN | Learning Events sessions can be from 2 hours to months and for an audience of 10 people to 200 people. Please e-mail us with your requirements and we will contact you back. E-mail:


Change and Stress Management


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Successful changes and transitions management professional services promote self-direction and self-dependence, enhancing self-esteem and self-worth. believe-IN endeavour to put you in control of your change process, fully functional, empowered, and abler to use strategies to get where you want to go. By the end of our Programmes, you and your teams will successfully adjust and adapt to new situations. Starting fresh with a New Beginning and a direction you'll feel tranquil, organised with a lasting sense of equilibrium and mastery over changes experiences.

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